Equipment rental

On-demand short and long term rentals

As engineers, we understand how difficult it can be for the business to justify the cost of a new piece of equipment in order to perform a test. Therefore we set out to help engineering businesses with an on-demand rental service for specialist test and measurement equipment.

Fully calibrated and verified

We look after our equipment. To ensure you can trust the numbers, we calibrate our test equipment periodically and perform verification checks prior to rental.

Expert technical support

We only rent out equipment that we know inside and out. Through our decades of experience, we understand which hardware and software products do the job in the most efficient, intuitive, and reliable manner. We support you in getting you set up and ensuring you get the best out of your equipment.

  • High speed and accuracy 100Hz

  • GNSS receivers

  • RTK correction

  • Inertial measurements

  • Driver display

Portable Emissions
  • NOx, CO gas analysers

  • Particular matter

  • Install and test services

  • Calibration service

Data Acquisition
  • Modular universal DAQ devices

  • Up to 1MHz sampling frequency

  • High voltage

  • Intuitive and featureful software

  • Wide array of data export formats